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About Us

Welcome to Willowbrook Spaniels. As a family, it is our goal to honor our creator by serving others in all we do.  One of the ways we do this is by providing passionate dog owners with a trusted source of companionship through our beautiful English Springer Spaniels. We live on an eight-acre mini farm located in east-central Ohio. Our children love to explore and play with their four-legged friends all over the farm and they have made many happy memories playing together. We have always had a dog or two in the family but started raising English Springer Spaniels after the first of our three children were born. We chose the springer spaniel because of their wonderful disposition. They have made for a wonderful addition to our family and get along well with everyone they meet.

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Our spaniels are all AKC registered and have wonderful temperaments. They do great with children and love to play. Our puppies are born and raised at our home with the bonding process beginning at birth because a well-socialized puppy will make for a happy healthy adult dog. Feeding premium dog food along with the necessary supplements also ensures all our puppies will grow to be strong healthy adults. All our puppies receive their vaccinations, de-wormer, and receive a complete health check by a licensed veterinarian before leaving for their forever homes. This allows us to be confident in the health of your new companion and to further instill trust we do offer a two-year genetic health guarantee that protects against congenital defects.  

We take pride in our breeding standards and seek a confirmation that reflects well on the history and tradition of the English Springer Spaniel breed. The origins of this distinct breed date back to early 18oo's. In the early days, the springer was breed specifically as a gundog trained to flush out fowl into the air to be caught by trained hawks or falcons. Today, the English Springer Spaniel can still be found as a loyal hunting buddy but also in the home as a loving and playful companion. The Springer Spaniel is in the top 30 most popular breed of dogs as families and outdoorsman alike seek out this unique breed. 

Beauty is as they say in the eyes of the beholder. Understanding this the confirmation we strive for is a complementary blend of past tradition and our own desired traits. Specifically, we desire a spaniel with a more blocky shaped head and ticking markings. In addition to our current colors, the liver tri roan markings are something we are also striving to bring out in our upcoming litters. All our dogs are field bred and our puppies will go to their forever homes with tails docked and dew claws removed. This aligns with the breeds sporting background. 


We also strive for dogs that have a depth of character. We want an active but extremely alert temperament that aims to please. A dog that is easy to train, takes well to leadership and is highly intelligent as spaniels tend to be. We have provided pictures of our current adults as well as a short description of each dog so you can be informed, confident, and have insight into the selection of your new puppy. We want to be as open and honest with you as we can about our breeding practices. 


As it is our goal to serve others in all we do we want to share our story with you and provide the most healthy and beautiful puppies we can. We hope to hear from you soon and wish many blessings upon you and yours.


Dean & Lisa Family 

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